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Ohmiya SK
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Ohmiya SK


This is a community dedicated to Ohmiya SK, aka Arashi members Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari. The two perform skits during Arashi concerts as "Ohmiya SK," and are also in general adorable and hilarious together. If you love the Ohmiya pairing or just think their comedy deserves more appreciation, feel free to join.

Your moderator is hontowa.


1. Your post MUST be directly related to Ohmiya as a pairing. No general posts about Arashi should go here.

2. No "pure crack" is allowed. There needs to be some sort of content to your post. If it's fanfiction it can be silly or unrealistic, but it can't be just random sentences thrown together.

3. Be careful about speculation. Of course fandom pairings are fandom pairings, but we shouldn't have to stretch to see why your post is "Ohmiya" and not just "Ohno and Nino." Pictures where they might be looking at each other across the room if you squint one eye, or "I think Nino wrote this song for Ohno" are taking it too far.

4. NO ADVERTISING unless your site/lj com/whatever is directly related to Ohmiya.

5. No flaming/out of control rudeness.

6. Please keep cross-posting to a minimum.


- New to Arashi fandom/Ohmiya or looking for a particular fic? Check out the memories of this community. I do my best to add every Ohmiya fanfiction, fanart, picspam, etc that I come across, even if it wasn't post directly in this community.


Check out our prompt database! Feel free to add prompts to it any time, or use any that you like to write fanfics or make fanart.


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