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rainbow_teatime [userpic]
Switching Sides (Chapter 4 + 5)
by rainbow_teatime (rainbow_teatime)
at June 14th, 2016 (01:53 am)

Title: Switching Sides
Group/pairing: Arashi/ Ohmiya
Rating: PG to NC17 (for violence and deaths. Well, it's an action story after all. ^^;)
Possible warnings: Involves subject matter of drugs, terrorism and deaths.
Summary: The Special Ops Division of the J.I.A have been tracking down a mysterious organisation who have been responsible for massive hacking incidents and the assassination of prominent political and financial figures. What then happens when one of their members was suddenly kidnapped?
Disclaimer: So far I only own two photosets of Sho and a set of Arashi playing cards. I wish I'd own Arashi, but no. I don't. ._. All characters and personas and their actions portrayed in this story are completely fictional.

Chapter 5: Switching Sides
Chapter 4: Loss
Chapter 3: Abduction
Chapter 2: En Passant
Chapter 1: Beginning With The End