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lilly0 [userpic]
Saviour (Ohmiya)
by lilly0 (lilly0)
at November 27th, 2016 (09:26 am)

Title: Saviour
Rating: R
Pairing: Ohmiya (guest appearances by the others)
Genre: AU, romance
Summary: When Ohno washes ashore a deserted, uninhabited island - with a broken boat and no food - he is desperate. But it seems like he isn't alone...
Notes: Written for gambitsfox. (I thought it would be nice to post it on Ohno's birthday)

Read it HERE.

801rabu [userpic]
17th June💛!!
by 801rabu (801rabu)
at June 17th, 2016 (09:00 pm)


rainbow_teatime [userpic]
Switching Sides (Chapter 4 + 5)
by rainbow_teatime (rainbow_teatime)
at June 14th, 2016 (01:53 am)

Title: Switching Sides
Group/pairing: Arashi/ Ohmiya
Rating: PG to NC17 (for violence and deaths. Well, it's an action story after all. ^^;)
Possible warnings: Involves subject matter of drugs, terrorism and deaths.
Summary: The Special Ops Division of the J.I.A have been tracking down a mysterious organisation who have been responsible for massive hacking incidents and the assassination of prominent political and financial figures. What then happens when one of their members was suddenly kidnapped?
Disclaimer: So far I only own two photosets of Sho and a set of Arashi playing cards. I wish I'd own Arashi, but no. I don't. ._. All characters and personas and their actions portrayed in this story are completely fictional.

Chapter 5: Switching Sides
Chapter 4: Loss
Chapter 3: Abduction
Chapter 2: En Passant
Chapter 1: Beginning With The End

smile_arigatou [userpic]
Poston Thank You
by smile_arigatou (smile_arigatou)
at May 29th, 2016 (11:04 pm)

Title: Poston Thank You
Author: smile-arigatou <3
Rating: PG-13 (for Nino's slight potty mouth)
Genre: Historical, AU
Pairing: OT5, Ohmiya, slight Sakuraiba
Summary: It's Nino's birthday in Poston, AZ
A/N: I WON AN ARASHI FANFIC AWARD!!!! This is a thank you for you guys! I can't believe it! Thank you so much!! Comments are love <3

wishing for one perfect second

smile_arigatou [userpic]
I'm Home! (Drabble)
by smile_arigatou (smile_arigatou)
at May 18th, 2016 (10:41 am)

Title: I'm Home (drabble)
Author: smile-arigatou
Rating: PG
Genre: Love
A/N: Comments are love! Thank you for reading!


801rabu [userpic]
MONSTER - Chapter V + epilogue
by 801rabu (801rabu)
at May 17th, 2016 (01:07 pm)

Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Taisho Era AU, drama, angst, romance.
Chapter: 5/5
Word Count: ~8700
Disclaimer: Dudes belong to old geezer Jani, apparently.
Summary: It was just a futile attempt to go on.

Notes: Writing this fic has been a field trip to hell at times. (...)

Surviving is not always prevailing.

smile_arigatou [userpic]
Gasping for Air (Prologue)
by smile_arigatou (smile_arigatou)
at April 21st, 2016 (02:41 pm)

Title: Gasping for Air (Prologue)
Author: smile-arigatou
Rating: Let's go PG-15 to R for now
Genre: Psychology, angst, romance, drama
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakuraiba
Summary: It's been years since Ninomiya Kazunari's alter 'Nino' has surfaced, and they had believed that he was finally gone for good. Nothing is ever as wonderful as it seems...
A/N: Hi! So I'm back! And this time, I decided to completely DROP my Yuki and 'Missing' stories and finally write what I was supposed to write years ago. Comments are love and I'll hang with you beautiful lovelies later <3

I will set things right. I will take my life back. I will succeed this time.

Pima [userpic]
There will Always be us
by Pima (barbicanic)
at April 21st, 2016 (09:26 am)


It's been a while since I posted fics here and thought I'd share one, hope you like it

Title: There will always be us
Author: barbicanic
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ohmiya's relationship is exposed. Arashi have to stop doing group projects for a while and the only excuse is sending Nino away for some time.
Disclaimer: I only own the heart that suffers because of them

( “it’s not like we can’t call each other” Nino smiled gently “and hey we can also facetime each other, it’s not like we can’t see each other too” he tried to make it better. )

satonari83 [userpic]
OHMIYA latest Wink up Message
by satonari83 (satonari83)
at April 11th, 2016 (04:48 pm)

Wink Up message board from Ohno

To Nino

Nino, there’s only 1 min left for the interview with Wink Up. Oh no, oh no, it will end. I can’t say any comment. Nino, there’s only 30s left (laughs). Oh no, not enough time for message to Nino. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. AHHHHH!

Note : OHCHAN why don't you just say " I LOVE YOU "

satonari83 [userpic]
by satonari83 (satonari83)
at March 30th, 2016 (02:11 pm)

Disclaimer :I'm not own OHMIYA , they belong to each other.this story is fiction.

MC : "Do you have kiss scenes in your new drama Ohno-san ?"
Nino immediately leave with pouting face , and then OHCHAN stop him.
OHCHAN :"Even I have million time kiss scenes , but our kissing it's the best "
NINO :"Really ,,,, "

note : only my imagination , not real. and the way NEEN blushing it's too adorable.

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